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SCATS - Sydney Adaptive Traffic Control System


Current Status
as of February, 2012

Adaptive traffic control system utilizes computer software to automatically time the traffic signals in real time based on the actual traffic conditions. The ATCS being implemented in the greater Town Center area is called SCATS.  

SCATS, an acronym for Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System, is an adaptive traffic signal control system especially useful in areas where traffic fluctuation makes it difficult to optimize flow using traditional signal coordination and time-of-day scheduling. SCATS reacts to existing traffic conditions and dynamically adjusts signal timing plans to improve traffic flow

Some of the benefits include:

  • Responsive to day-to-day and time-of-day fluctuations in demand
  • Reduces delays during periods of unpredictable traffic flow, such as an early or late peak traffic period, an event at KSU, or an incident on I-75 or I-575
  • Responds well to traffic congestion resulting from crashes, clears backups quickly
  • During low volume traffic demand the traffic signal timing will adjust reducing overall delay
  • Provides an effective maintenance alarm system that reduces traffic delays due to equipment malfunction
  • Eliminates the need (and associated costs) for signal retiming typically performed every three to five years.

The adaptive traffic control system project has been divided into phases based on the three predominant corridors in the system. A brief project update follows:

Phase 1 – Cobb Parkway (White Circle to 3rd Army Road) is scheduled to be complete and the corridor converted to adaptive operation in March. Most of the equipment and infrastructure has been installed.

Phase 2 – Barrett Parkway (Old Highway 41 to Bells Ferry Road) is scheduled to be complete and converted to adaptive operation in May.

Phase 3 – Chastain Road/McCollum Parkway (Cobb Parkway to Bells Ferry Road) is scheduled to be complete and converted to adaptive in August.

The overall project completion date is October 10, 2012.


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